Irrigation management and monitoring

Irriga Global provides daily recommendations on how much water should be applied to each of monitored fields registered on our platform and forecast the proper irrigation for the next seven days. Recommendations are available on the Irriga Global website or smartphone apps, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to the recommended irrigation for the current day and for the next seven days, a rain forecast for the following days is also provided.

If the grower does not have access to our website or apps, our recommendations can also be received via text message (SMS) or a previously registered e-mail. In this way, Irriga Global ensures information is always available through the main methods of communication.

Scheduled irrigation

This tool allows the growers to oversee and follow all irrigations, simulate and schedule irrigations for the following seven days. The Scheduled Irrigation tool optimizes soil and crop management operations, as well as water and energy consumption, avoiding unnecessary irrigation application and energy loss and better scheduling other crop management and field operations.

Frequent field visits

The highly qualified Irriga Global field team is continuously up to date and personally supporting the grower and customers in irrigation management by regular field visits during the season.

24/7 Support

Our customer service and field service are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with highly trained technicians capable of solving technical and agronomic issues related to irrigation. With the average response time of less than 60 minutes, we support our client’s needs in real time.

IrrigaNet 2.0

For intelligent management, IrrigaNet 2.0 gathers and delivers information from Irriga Global to the grower in an easy, intuitive, and efficient way. With IrrigaNet 2.0, growers and field technicians have quick access to information, better control over irrigation management, and an intuitive view of the crop and registered fields, bringing the growers and Irriga Global even closer together.

Android and iOS Apps

Our clients keep updated on the irrigation-monitoring time interval by using the IRRIGA GLOBAL smartphone app. Our App provides information for decision-making at the palm of your hand!

Weather Monitoring Stations

In 1999, we began Irriga Global’s activities at the field level. We developed an online weather stations network, at a maximum of 80 km from each monitored area. Rain, radiation, temperature, humidity, wind data, among others, are collected and transmitted every 15 minutes to the Irriga Global servers.

Field Monitoring Stations

In 2014, we began the irrigation monitoring using field stations that collect, in real time, the rainfall/irrigation and soil moisture data from each of the monitored fields, allowing for complete and effective control of the soil water balance. Having access to real-time data prevents unnecessary irrigation by quickly identifying areas requiring irrigation, reducing costs and prioritizing both yield stability and profitability.

Agrochemical Applications conditions

The application of pesticides is sensitive to several weather factors, such as air temperature, relative humidity and wind. The Agrochemical Application Tool proposes to optimize the use of pesticides, providing weather forecast for the next 24 hours, showing the current conditions graphs to support the decision-making at field level.

GDA/HU Monitoring System

We provide Growing Degree Days – GDD or Heat Units – HU for each field or region of monitoring. In addition, the follow up service allows the forecast of each phenological event at field and more confidently agronomic management of farm resources. This information is essential to better plan the necessary actions of each monitored field.

Full technical report

At the end of each field visit, Irriga field technician provides to the grower a technical report for each monitored field containing data on soil moisture, plant morphology (phenology, crop canopy and root system details), and also photos of the irrigated crop, and general observations.

Final harvest reports

At the end of the harvest, Irriga sends a final report for each field, including all data (measured, obtained, computed), presented in a simple and summarized form, providing to the growers and technicians to easily understand and analyze the field evolution during the crop season.

Other services



The insect monitoring service consists of installing pheromone traps to detect both the pest’s presence and density. It also determines when the population of the insect/pest reaches the critical level of economic damage. These traps send daily images that are processed and evaluated electronically and certified by an entomologist. This professional performs the daily analysis of the images and feeds the system with quantitative data, generating reports and graphs of the incidence of insects in the crop. Based on the data, the grower can determine the time of action more precisely and limit the unnecessary use of insecticides, which can be used as a last resort.



Online energy management allows the property’s energy consumption and each irrigated field to be monitored daily, making irrigation planning and energy consumption reduction easier for the grower. This tool aims to reduce costs, eliminate energy fines, properly understand the demand according to the needs, and prioritize the energy use when necessary. This helps the grower to operate at off rush hours and reduced fees or extra costs.

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